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Q. What Health & Safety requirements do I need to know ?

A. To enable you to fully enjoy your stay with us and to ensure your safety, please ensure that you and your family are familiar with the information on this page.

The staff at Holivans welcome you to your Holiday destination. We want you to have a great time in a safe and secure environment and we have taken all reasonable steps to ensure this is possible. The purpose of this leaflet is to provide you with some specific guidance in relation to the facilities we offer here and general information which will be of use to you. As you might imagine, it is impossible to cover every situation you might come across both on or off the site. For this reason please remember the environment you are in will be largely unfamiliar to you, so take good care of yourself and anyone in your party, especially children, at all times. If you have any questions or a need for specific advise, please let us know.

Caravan Lettings

If you are going to let your caravan, you as the owner have a “Duty of Care” under Health and Safety legislation to ensure that the caravan, plus all fittings and appliances are maintained to comply with current safety requirements. The following points are ESSENTIAL with which you should comply.

Fire extinguishers/Smoke Alarms

The supply of a 2 kg powder extinguisher for use by your guests in an emergency is required, as is the fitting of a smoke alarm in your caravan. You should ensure that the Fire extinguisher is maintained by a specialist contractor annually and that the smoke alarm is tested and the batteries changed prior to the start of the season. Conformation must be supplied to the park. We also advise that a CO detector is fitted.

Portable Appliance Testing

To safeguard against danger from electrical installations or equipment (e.g. Plug-in appliances), the PAT Regulations require an annual inspection of the installation and all electrical equipment is preformed. It is necessary that these tests are performed by a qualified electrician appointed by the NICEIC, ECA or other regulating body and a new certificate supplied to the park.

Electrical Test Certificates

New caravans are issued with an Electrical Certificate by the manufacturer, which covers the caravan for five years. Caravans over five years old should be tested by a qualified electrician annually and a new certificate must be supplied to the park.

Gas Appliance Service Test

It is a legal requirement for all gas appliances in the caravan to be serviced and maintained on an annual basis by a Gas Safe registered person. A copy of this certificate must be supplied to the park.

Soft Furnishings

The park also needs confirmation and assurance that the soft furnishings have not been substituted with items that do not comply with current fire regulations.

For further advice on any of these points, see a member of staff at the office.

Site Safety

Road Safety

The roads on site are subject to the same rules as the public highway.

Keep to the speed limit—a 10 mph speed limit applies on the site. For the safety of everyone please adhere to the speed limit shown.

Similarly anyone driving or travelling in motor vehicles must wear a seat belt.

Car parking—Take care when parking your vehicle.

Please be aware that there may be large vehicles, including delivery vehicles moving around the site. Whilst we have taken very precaution to minimise the risk of an accident during these times, extra care should be taken around delivery areas.

Be aware of any children playing near the roads

During the colder months the site may experience icy conditions. Please be aware of this and drive accordingly to the conditions.

- You are on Public Roads—all roads within the Site are subject to the provisions of the Road Traffic Act. It is an offence to drive or be in charge of a motor vehicle while under the influence of drink or drugs. This applies to all public places here, including car parking areas.

This applies to all public places here, including car parking areas.

- All vehicles are parked entirely at owner’s risk.

General Safety


We have fully qualified first-aiders who can provide assistance in the event of an accident.

Please let us know about any accident you have as soon after it’s happened as possible.


If you or a member of your family are ill, please contact the local doctors surgery. Their telephone numbers are located on the laundrette notice board. In these times of varied and frequent viruses it is important that the highest standards of Personal Hand Hygiene are maintained. An Emergency phone is located by the Tow Bar entrance.


Gas Safety:


If you are staying in a caravan, ventilation has been provided in the roof and the floor to allow gas appliances to operate safely and to allow products of combustion to escape. Please do not cover the ventilation under any circumstances.

Operation of Gas Appliances

If you have any doubt or you require assistance please contact Reception.

What to do if there’s a gas leak

Evacuate the accommodation opening windows and doors as you go

Report it to Reception immediately—don’t hope that someone else will.

- Don’t smoke or use naked flames

- Do not turn any electrical appliances ON or OFF.

Some caravans are fitted with CO monitors. Should a CO monitor activate, evacuate the caravan and report the activation to Reception.

Child Safety

Please familiarise yourself and your children with the site layout along with the location of your accommodation.

If you become separated from your child, please report to Reception immediately.

The Amenity Area is unsupervised by site staff so children must be properly supervised at all times by a responsible adult.

All children under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times when on site.

Open Water

There are likely to be ponds, lakes, rivers, and other open water (e.g. the sea) nearby the site. Please ensure children are properly supervised at all times.

The site will often play host to a number of wild birds. In the interests of their safety and yours, please do not feed them.

General Safety

Food Safety

If there are cooking appliances in your accommodation they are probably different to those you have at home. Please take care when using them and ensure food is thoroughly cooked before it is served.


In your accommodation please take care when other water sources are being used as the water temperature of the shower can fluctuate.


Public Buildings

What to do in the event of a fire

We have fully trained members of staff to assist you in the event of a fire alarm activation. If the alarm sounds, leave the building through the nearest available exit and follow the instructions given by our staff.

If you discover a fire, tell a member of staff where the fire is before leaving the building.

- Do not attempt to tackle the fire yourself.

-Never stop to collect your personal belongings.

- Never re-enter a building unless you are told to do so by a member of the site management.

- Do not store combustible items inside your water heater or boiler cupboard.



Place your rubbish in a black bin bag and then deposit the waste in the Biffa skip provided at the front of the park.

Avoid the use of multi socket adapters which can overload the power supply.

Switch off all appliances when you are not using them, especially at night.

Do not cover any appliances provided for heating in your accommodation.

Ensure cigarettes are properly extinguished and do not smoke in bed.

Do not interfere with the smoke detector. If it appears not to be working, replace the battery immediately.

Take care when positioning mobile cots in your accommodation. Please keep them away from hot surfaces/heaters and do not position them where they might block an escape route. Never place beds (including fold-out beds) or bedding near a fire at any time.

If you are staying in a caravan, please ensure the gas fire is turned off when you are using the fold-out bed.

Please avoid the use of portable radiant-bar or convector heaters, especially in sleeping areas.

What to do in the event of a fire

If you discover a fire, alert other people in your accommodation and evacuate immediately.

Raise the alarm by contacting Reception, the site’s out of hours emergency telephone numbers (found on the laundrette notice board and at Reception on the window) or dial 999.

Alert adjoining accommodation if it is safe to do so.

Never put yourself or anyone else in danger if using any of the fire fighting equipment provided. If in doubt, get out.

- You are not encouraged to fight the fire yourself.

- Do not waste time collecting personal items and do not put yourself or anyone else in danger.

-Do not re-enter your accommodation for any reason.

The Caravan

It is strongly recommended and it is a legal requirement that the following safety checks are carried out by certified contractors. Phone numbers can be obtained from the office.

Gas, flue and ventilation safety checks – annual

Electrical portable appliance test (PAT) – annual Electrical Safety Test - annual

Visual electrical system test – every three years

All caravans must have a working smoke alarm fitted

It is recommended CO (Carbon Monoxide) alarms should be fitted.

General Safety Recommendations

Turn water off at stop tap when leaving park for a period of time

DO NOT cover ventilation openings

All gas leaks must be reported to the Holivans Reception.

All gas boilers must be turned off at the end of the season

It is advisable that hand rails are fitted onto all caravan steps

All doors should have an easy escape route in case of fire

Clothes lines must be put away after use – they are not a permanent fixture

Control of Legionellosis (Legionnaires Disease)

At the beginning of each season, and from thereon on a regular basis, all showerheads should be removed, cleaned and de-scaled. This is a quite a simple process, using a household product. If the caravan has been unoccupied for some time water must be flushed through the pipe work before use.

General Park Rules

ONLY household refuse to be deposited in Biffa skip

Ball games must only be played in the designated areas i.e. not between caravans

Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and not be allowed to foul any area of the park

Useful Telephone Numbers

Emergency Services – fire, ambulance, police and coastguard dial 999

Local Doctor 01507 473483 or 01507 441245

Local Police 01507 472222

Louth Hospital 01507 600100

Lincoln Hospital 01522 573559

Taxis – StreetKars- 01507 477256

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