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This is in addition to the Licence and Purchase Agreements as agreed by the Office of Fair Trading and the BH&HPA. 

1) Holivans Limited (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") the Licence is personal to me and may not be sub-let or assigned with out the Company's consent in writing. The License cannot be assigned without permission from the Company if the caravan is older than 13 years old from date of manufacture

2) The area immediately surrounding the caravan will be kept in a clean and tidy condition and that in the event of the grass immediately adjoining the caravan not being maintained the same standard of the Estate generally the company is authorized to cut such grass at our reasonable expense.

3) That if my Caravan is let by me or by my Agent such Caravan shall be provided with adequate furnishings, bedding, cutlery and crockery as may be required by the occupants and considered necessary by the Company. That in the event of any complaint being made by my tenant as to equipment the Company at its discretion may replace any defective item at our reasonable expense.

4) The Company will be in Possession of two keys to my caravan in case of emergency or loss by users

5) Washing lines must not be attached to any fences or trees and rotary washing lines should be taken down when not in use. Ball games are only allowed in the open area at the park entrance

6) That any dog belonging to the Licensee or any member of his family or guest will keep the dog under proper control on a lead and will not foul any area of the Estate. 

7) That any vehicle belonging to the licensee, or any member of his family or guest, will not exceed a speed of 10 M.P.H. whilst on the Estate. No more than one car at the same time will be parked at the side of the Caravan and that I or my agent will inform occupants of this condition, any motor car must be parked at the door side of the Caravan where reasonably possible. No one is permitted to sleep in a vehicle overnight. 

8) That I and the occupants of the Caravan shall place refuse from the container provided to the designated disposal point, Contact the company regarding the disposal of garden refuse and other large items. Legislation dictates that we are unable to dispose of fridges. Do not introduce any foreign items into the drainage system including cleaning cloths, baby’s nappies, sanitary towels, condoms, cooking fat, engine oil, grease or paint.

9) Only Paving stones may be laid outside the caravan (with permission from the Company) but must be left installed when the caravan is moved or removed from the Park.

9a) For a let of up to 28 days, a copy of the gas certificate must be "prominently displayed" in the letting. For a let longer than 28 days, a copy of the Gas safety Certificate must be given to the occupier before entry. 

10) That I and the occupants of the caravan will conform and observe the conditions as may be published by letter or on the Estate Notice Board as here set out. 

11) In addition to BH&HPA Licence agreement Section 4.7-4.8. All caravans must be secured down. All Storage boxes, steps and verandas must be approved by Holivans Ltd. Storage Boxes must not exceed three feet (0.92 metres) in width. Steps, verandas and storage boxes must be constructed from metal and be placed on paving stones. Buffalo board may be used on steps and verandas. Steps or Verandas must not exceed one metre in width. No items must be stored under caravans.

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Tow Bar & Holivans Community Group

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